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  • Hemby Bridge Welcomes New VIF Teacher

    We at Hemby Bridge are so excited to welcome our newest Visiting International Faculty member, third grade teacher Ellie Carruthers! Ms. Carruthers is from Hillingdon in West London. Her parents still live in the house in which she and her three siblings grew up. She remembers hopping the wall behind her house with her brother Charlie and spending the days playing and roller skating in the park there. Her family has now spread out, including her brother Julian, who owns a software company, and her sister, Debbie, who lives with her family on the Isle of Wight, a small island off the southern coast of England. However, Ms. Carruthers has moved the farthest, as she now lives in Charlotte, near Matthews.

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  • Hemby Bridge Students Participate in Special Olympics

    On Thursday, April 21, the ACC class participated in the Union County Special Olympics at Forest Hills High School. A much anticipated yearly activity, the students competed in various track and field events and returned to school having won several medals! This year provided a special opportunity for 5th grader, Hunter Rondina, who was chosen to help carry the torch for the opening ceremony.

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  • Fourth Grade Learns the History of Gold Mining in North Carolina

    On Friday, 15th of April, 4th Grade went on a trip to Reed’s Goldmine. The children had the chance to explore different aspects of the goldmine through four activities. Panning for real gold was an exciting start to the trip. We started with pans of rocks and soil from the land around the goldmine. Our first task was to get rid of the soil and dirt from our pans by swirling water around the material. Next we had to remove the larger rocks; we then swirled our pans with water again and used the ridges on the side of the pan to sift the heavier gold from the other sediment. We found quite a few small pieces of gold – it won’t make us millionaires though, most of the pieces we found are worth less than a dollar!

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