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    An Invasion of Spiders!

    Art students at Parkwood Middle created a creepy, crawly art installation in the school's atrium in October.

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  • Hundreds of Parkwood Students Sign-up for a Union County Public Library Card

    When most of us picture a library, we think of dusty old books lining the shelves, librarians uttering, “shh” every time a sound is made, and oppressive quiet that almost makes it hard to concentrate. Well, most of us would be wrong! Gone are the libraries of old - replaced by buildings that allow us access to more than just books. As part of Mrs. Chapman’s partnership with the Union County Public Library, all students learned from Ms. Beth Myles that the library has DVDs, magazines, audio books, ebooks, research databases, free wifi and so much more. Once students learned of all the resources available to them, many took advantage of the opportunity to get their own library card on Tuesday! They signed up for a temporary card, which expires in three months. Once they visit the library with their parents, they can complete the registration process and receive a card that is valid for one year.

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  • The students are excited to show their first Chinese calligraphy

    Supported by Confucius Institute at Pfeiffer University (CIPU), the calligraphy teacher from CIPU provides the students Chinese calligraphy lessons once a week for a semester in coordination with the Chinese language lessons. The Chinese calligraphy course teaches the fundamental techniques and aesthetic value of 3,500 years Chinese calligraphy and its brief history.

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