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snow ballIt’s that time of year when inclement weather can cause school delays or closing. The UCPS faculty, staff, students and parents can turn to this page for bad weather information and the impact on UCPS schools. First, take a look at UCPS Inclement Weather Procedures (en español).

For an indepth look at how school officials make those difficult delay/cancel decisions, read the following UCPS prepares for predictions of colder winter feature.

There are numerous ways to find out about school announcements. As soon as the weather-related decision is made, that information is posted on the UCPS web site homepage and on each school website homepage. Blackboard Connect calls are made to UCPS faculty, staff and parents, while simultaneous phone calls are made to the news media. The notification will also be posted on the UCPS Facebook page and all 53 school Facebook pages.

Parents also can watch or listen for weather announcements on the following radio or television stations:


TV Stations (Links go directly to the list of closings)

Radio Stations