"Preparing All Students to Succeed"

The NC General Assembly approved 2011 House Bill 200 changing the requirements of the 2011-2012 school calendar to increase the number of instructional school days from 180 to 185 by converting five workdays between August 25 and June 10 into instructional days. UCPS applied for and was granted a one year waiver to this change. The condition of the waiver was that the five days be used as teacher workdays for Race to the Top related staff development.

This obviously means that these workdays must be required workdays. With this stipulation in place, the result for the 2011-2012 school year is that we will continue to have 15 workdays. Of these, three will be non-required, and 12 will be required. Of the 12 required workdays, 10 have been identified through changing non-required workdays to become required to meet the conditions of the waiver or were previously selected by the Calendar Committee and approved by the Board. The two remaining required workdays will be identified by the school with input from the Site-Based Team.