Student Support Services K-5 Overview

  • Mission

    The mission of the Student Support Services Department is to build connections between home and school especially when parents need help in understanding their child’s educational needs and their own role in encouraging learning. Our greatest potential for success lies in our cooperative and collaborative efforts with other departments, campuses, parents, students, and community organizations to meet the individual needs of all students.

    The Role of Student Support Services K-5/Section 504

    The Student Support Services Department provides a framework of assistance, support, and leadership in the programs and services which support the academic, social, behavioral, and emotional development of all students as well as direct support to school site programs as needs arise. These professionals maintain open lines of communication while they interpret school requirements and UCPS Board Policy, as well as assist families in expressing their concerns. In addition, the Student Support Services Department provides training and support to district and school site personnel to assist them in their efforts to be in compliance with legal requirements as they pertain to topics and situations within the scope of student services and Section 504.

    Additional Functions of Student Support Services Include:
    •  Processes requests for student transfers and student releases.
    •  Facilitates transfer appeal hearings.
    •  Assist parents with questions regarding school assignment, enrollment requirements, discipline issues, and school-level concerns and/or complaints.
    •  Ensures compliance with Section 504 requirements and ensures the availability of a Section 504 grievance process.
    •  Conducts Section 504 manifestation determination meetings. 
Dr. Debbie Taylor

Dr. Debbie Taylor

Director of Student Services, Elementary