Media Center

  • Vision of Our School Media Program:
    The vision of the school media program at Indian Trail is to create a foundation of lifelong learning and make the media center the heart of the school. 
    Mission of Our School Media Program based on our Vision:
    Our mission is three-fold:  to encourage, to promote and to assist.  The media center aims to:  encourage students to actively seek and pursue knowledge, promote reading as a worthwhile and enjoyable activity, and assist students and faculty in becoming effective users of ideas and information.
    Purpose of the Media Center Collection:
    The ultimate purpose of Indian Trail's media center's collection is to provide developmentally appropriate material in order to meet the needs of its students, faculty and parents.  Our collection should support the curriculum in all areas as well as provide a basic knowledge base. 


    General Information


    These websites are available on school computers. They may be accessed from home with a password. Mrs. Gwinn can provide the passwords. Just e-mail her.

Indian Trail Media Center