Office of Accountability and Research

  • Accountability and Student Services oversees a multitude of areas that follow a student from kindergarten to graduation. The department facilitates everything from testing and counseling services to scholarship dollars and graduation.

    Supporting schools and other departments in meeting the needs of the students is a major priority of this department. This has been accomplished through:
    • Supervising the UCPS nurses, counselors, social workers and psychotherapists; 
    • Giving counselors professional development on mental health issues, suicide prevention and other services available for students;
    • Starting mental health counseling with the Center for Emotional Health (CEH) at East Union Middle, Union Elementary, Porter Ridge Middle and High, Waxhaw Elementary and Rocky River Elementary at no cost to school system; 
    • Helping to get Day Treatment Services back in UCPS through Alexander Youth Network; 
    • Working with Bright Blessings to get support for homeless students; and
    • Managing School Tools and uniform distribution from Belk for students who cannot afford them.
    Accountability and Student Services also assists counselors in looking at scholarship dollars and knowing what scholarships are available. The department works with drop out prevention counselors to make sure students have what they need to graduate.

    The department is also responsible for accountability of the schools, which means looking at how the school system and the individual schools perform compared to the rest of the state. Part of this role is to ascertain whether UCPS is meeting its annual measurable objectives (AMO) and whether UCPS students are making growth.

    A large role of the department is to oversee all the system's tests. It assists with planning, implementation and analysis of state tests. These tests include:
    •  Beginning of Grade (BOG) testing, which functions as a pretest that provides educators with information on each third-grade student’s reading level at the beginning of the school year. 
    • InView test used to assess the cognitive abilities of children in grades K-12.
    • End of Grade (EOG) for grades 3 through 8; End of Course (EOC) for high school students; 
    • American College Testing (ACT) which measures college readiness; 
    • Pre-ACT test given to 10th graders as a preliminary to ACT; 
    • North Carolina Final Exams (NCFE).

    Annual parent, student and teacher surveys are monitored and reviewed by this department, checking on areas that may need work and making certain those areas of need are addressed.
Jonathan Bowers

Jonathan Bowers, Director of Accountability and Research

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