• Work-Based Learning

    Work-Based Learning has two major compenents: Internships and Co-Op. If you would like to apply for either program, please see your Career Development Coordinator.


    The Union County Public Schools (UCPS) Career Readiness (CTE) Internship Program was created as a supplement to formal classroom instruction. The intent of the internship program is to make a significant impact on the student relating course content to real-world applications.

    Important Information

    • UCPS offers two types of CTE Internships:
      • Semester
      • Flex Internships
    • Internships are open to seniors during the school year and rising seniors during the summer.
    • To qualify, a student must have successfully completed two CTE courses in the same cluster, with preference given to students who completed a second level course.
    • Click here if you would like more information about Internships


    Marketing Cooperative Education (Co-Op)

    Marketing Cooperative Education (or Co-Op) provides on-the-job training through a cooperative agreement among the school, the employer, the parents/guardian, and the student. Students receive classroom instruction related to their on-the-job work experiences. A training plan jointly developed by the Work-based Learning Coordinator and employer outlines the sequential classroom instruction and on-the-job training a student receives.

    Important Information

    • Cooperative Education, directly connects what is learned in Marketing Education classes to a student’s work experience.
    • To enroll in Co-op, a student must either be concurrently enrolled in a Marketing class or have completed a Marketing class during the same school year.
    • Each semester of Co-op must be directly tied to a specific Marketing class. In order to participate in Co-op both semesters, a student must take two different Marketing classes during the school year.
Last Modified on October 18, 2019