• Chronic Health Conditionschecklist

    Your child's health condition may affect their ability to learn. When you provide documentation from your health care provider, your nurse will write an Individual Health Plan (IHP) for your child. Each plan will be communicated to the appropriate staff and monitored throughout the year for effectiveness, and updates. School nurses may provide care directly to the student, or train another school employee to give medications or assist the student in specialized health care procedures such as catheterization, or tube feedings. School health's goal is to make sure student's health care concerns do not become a barrier to their ability to learn.

    Students that are enrolled in a school sponsored sport are required to follow the Gfeller-Waller Concussion Act for Return to Play and Learning.  It is highly recommended that a student see a physician that is trained in management of concussions, and have that doctor complete the concussion forms. Students cannot be given accommodations academically or physically, without written guidelines from their physician.   The physician or Athletic Trainer will determine if a student is ready to begin the return to play protocol or be cleared to play sports.  Your school nurse will assist with implementing accommodations recommended by your health care provider. 
    Students with concussions outside of school sponsored sports, or non sport related concussions should bring documentation of the concussion to the school nurse for assistance with care and accommodations at school.  We are required to follow  Return to Learn Guidelines  and provide students with the accommodations they need at school.
    Most concussion are resolved within 10 days to 3 weeks.  If your student continues to have symptoms past this time, and you feel they need additional support, notify your guidance counselor for consideration of being evaluated for a 504 Accommodation plan.  



    UCPS School Health understands that students with Diabetes face many challenges in school. We provide a program of Individualized Health Care as well as comply with North Carolina law Diabetes Bill SB 911. SB 911 requires that we train Diabetes Care Managers for our student's when the School Nurse is not Available. To provide a comprehensive approach to care for your child with Diabetes, we need you to make an appointment with your school nurse prior to your child's first day at school and have your doctor complete all the necessary paperwork. Once your child is enrolled in school, your school nurse needs to meet with you and your child and have updated paperwork from your doctor at the beginning of each school year.

    Contact your school nurse or call the School Health Office at 704-296-0845 for additional information.


    Forms Required for Students with Diabetes Annually

    Forms For Students with Diabetes


    Food Allergies

    UCPS does not serve food that contains nuts or peanuts, but they may have products that are manufactured in a environment that processes nuts. Cafeterias are not peanut and nut free, because children are allowed to bring in these items from home. A nut free area is available for your child to eat at.  Contact your school nurse, as each school provides this option in a different manner.   If your student needs special arrangements in the classroom or cafeteria to prevent an allergic reaction, a report from your doctor is required to determine the extent of the allergy.  If your child needs a nut or peanut free classroom, you have to have an evaluation by the 504 Accommodation team to have a classroom restrict eating snacks.   Call your school's counselor to set up this meeting. 


    The following steps are helpful to maintain your child's safety from allergic reactions to food at school.

    1.  Complete a request for Health Information Form .

          Request for Health Information English

          Request for Health Information Form Spanish


    2.  Have your medical provider complete the following forms:

           Diet Order form           Diet Order Form English,      Diet Order Form Spanish    

           Medication Consent

           Medication Form English

          Medication Form Spanish

          Consent to self Carry Medication   ( Emergency Medication only *optional* )

          Consent to self Carry Medication English

          Consent to self carry medication Spanish

    3.  Provide your school nurse with any other documentation from your health care provider to help determine the extent of the allergy and emergency care,  FARE forms are accepted. 


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