• Each school must be prepared to respond safely and appropriately to any medical emergency that a student might experience on school grounds.  This can include injuries such as severe lacerations, bone fractures, and head injuries.  Also included are emergencies related to health conditions such as seizures, asthma attacks, anaphylactic reactions, and diabetic emergencies.

    School Responsibility

    1. UCPS has developed an emergency care plan that describes the school’s plan of response to medical emergencies.  This is included in the UCPS emergency handbook (red notebook located in every classroom).  Plans include procedures for medical emergencies, heart attacks, and master emergency plan for field trip accidents.
    2. The principal will designate the school personnel to serve on the Emergency Care Team (ECT) at every school.
    3. The ECT members will:
      • Receive training in First Aid/CPR and renew training every 2 years.
      • Watch and review the UCPS Blood Borne Pathogens online annually. 
      • Be offered the Hepatitis B vaccine series.
    4. In response to NC Senate Bill 911, all schools in North Carolina must provide diabetes education for all new employees. All employees have an annual review of diabetes in school through the Safe Schools Training.  In addition, every school must have at least 2 employees to serve as Diabetes Care Managers (DCM).  They must complete the DCM training class provided by UCPS.  Training is once and as needed.

    Nurse Responsibility

    1. Assist the school in the development and implementation of an emergency medical plan.
    2. Provide education to the members of the Emergency Care Teams.  The UCPS nurses provide First Aid/CPR training several times during the school year.  School employees may contact the School Nurse Supervisor for class information.
    3. Identify students who have a medical condition that puts them at risk for a medical emergency, write Individual Health Plans (IHP’s) for those students, inform team members that IHP’s have been written and instruct them as needed on the implementation of the plans.