• Medication Administration

    All medication given at school must have a written Medication Consent Form filled out by your health care provider before the medicine can be brought to school,this includes over the counter medication.

    All medications that can be given outside of school hours without adversely affecting the health of the student should not be administered at school during school hours. As a general rule, medications that are given three times a day or less can be administered at home. However, UCPS realizes that sometimes it is necessary to administer medications at school for the health of the student. When medication is to be administered at school, the parent or guardian should communicate with the teacher and school nurse about it's administration.

    **Medications may not be administered at school until appropriate consent has been received**

    The responsibilities of the parent or guardian are:

    • Obtain and return to school a medication consent form (at bottom of this page) signed by the doctor and parent/guardian for each school year. (and when a student transfers to another school)
    • Medication should be in original container with student's name and dosage amounts clearly written.
    • Contact the school nurse to discuss any long-term (daily) or emergency medications preferably prior to administration at school.
    • Inform teacher and school nurse of any changes in the medication immediately. A new consent form signed by the doctor is required for changes in dosages.
    • Medication must be picked up after the 10 day period with no note from a doctor, or by the last workday of the school year. The school nurse will discard all medication left at school at the end of the last workday.
    • Medication should be brought to school by parent, not sent in with student on the bus.

    Emergency medication such as epi-pens, and inhalers may be carried by the student or kept in a classroom. All other medication will be kept in a locked cabinet in the health room, or classroom with permission from the nurse and principal.