• Immunization  and Health Assessment 

     Required Immunizations 2016
    5 Dtap, dpt                       If 4th dose of tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria is given after 4th birthday then only 4 doses are needed.
    4 IPV                               4th dose of polio must be after 4th birthday after 7-1-15, 3 doses, if 3rd dose is after 4th birthday.
    3 Hep B                           Third shot cannot be given before 24 weeks of age
    2 MMR                            First measles, mumps, rubella after 12 months and before 16 months, 2nd dose 28 days from first
    2 Varicella                        1 dose for children entering school before 7-1-15  or   Proof of having chickenpox must be provided by your doctor. 
    1 Tdap                              For children entering 7th grade on/after 7-1-15
    1 Meningococcal             For children entering 7th grade on/after 7-1-15
    Medicaal Exemption
    If you feel your child is medically exempt from receiving the above vaccines, your doctor must meet the criteria on the medical exemption form.
    Health Assessment 
    In order to comply with North Carolina GS 130A-440 each child entering public school, grades K-12, for the first time must have a health assessment (physical).
    The health assessment must not be done more than 12 calendar months prior to school entry and before the 30th calendar day after school entry.  It must also be completed on the NC Health  Assessment Transmittal Form.   

    NC Health Assessment Transmittal Form