Tube Feedings, Colostomy care, Tracheostomy Care and Other Special Health Care Procedures

    If your child has need of a special health care procedure at school, your school nurse will work with you and your health care provider to provide this care, or train unlicensed assistive personnel in school to provide the care.  Occasionally a child needs more care than a school nurse can provide, if this is the case, then the 504 Accommodation team at the school, lead by your school counselor will meet with you to determine the best way to meet your child needs. 

    How to set up specialized health care for my child. 

    1. Call the school your child is attending, and notify the school nurse that your child needs assistance with a specialized health care procedure at school.  
    2. UCPS Parent Authorization for Specialized Health Care must be completed.  (forms are located at the bottom of this page).
    3. A Plan of Treatment form completed by your health care provider is required for the procedure to be done at school.
    4. A Release for information form is helpful to allow the nurse to speak to the doctor about any concerns they may have while giving care to your child.
    5. medication form will be needed in addition to the specialized health care form, if your child is going to need medication at school.
    6. The nurse will review all pertinent health care plans/procedures/treatments with the school personnel and administration, and will decide if the care can be delegated to a non-licensed teacher assistant, or if the care must be done by a Registered Nurse.  

    Training and Supervision  

    School Responsibility

    1. School personnel will be designated to perform long term procedures (ie. catheterizations, suction and tracheostomy care, ostomy care, tube feeding, etc.).  The school nurse and the principal will work closely together to identify the staff member most appropriate to perform the procedure.
    2. It is highly recommended that all care be put in place before a medically fragile student comes to school. The care cannot be given without the Plan of Treatment and Parent Authorization for Specialized Health Care form.  Your nurse may also develop and Individual Health Care Plan that will also be distributed to the staff. 

    Nurse Responsibility

    1. If the school nurse feels the care can be delegated to the designated school staff, that staff member will be trained by the school nurse to provide the care. 
    2. The nurse will supervise the designated school staff in the performance of the specialized procedures until proficiency is demonstrated and review the care monthly or as needed.   A skills checklist will be used to show evidence of mastery of the required procedure(s).  The checklist will be filed in the student’s Individual Student Health Care Folder. 
    3. Specialized health care procedures which may be performed by trained school staff include but are not limited to:
      1. gastrostomy tube feeding
      2. care and cleaning ostomies
      3. tracheostomy suctioning
      4. care and cleaning of tracheostomy and stoma     
      5. clean intermittent catheterization
      6. care of an external catheterization
      7. postural drainage and percussion therapy
      8. administration of tube or rectal medications
      9. intermittent temperature or blood pressure monitoring
      10. other

    Parent Responsibility

    1. To inform school of changes in the student’s Treatment Plan and/or medications as they occur so that information can be updated and implemented.
    2. Specialized health care procedures that are the responsibility of the parent and will not be done by school personnel or the school nurse include but are not limited to:
      1. Replacing gastrostomy tube feeding sites
      2. Changing malfunctioning insulin pump sites, continuous glucose monitoring sites, or pods in Omnipod/insulin pumps.

    Forms Needed for Specialized Health Care

    Parent Authorization for Specialized Healthcare Procedure English and Spanish

    Plan of Treatment for Specialized Health Care

    Medication Consent Form

    Consent for Release of Information