• Objective: To identify and plan for the management of students with special health needs, medical procedures and treatment needs that may impede learning. 

    School and Parent Responsibilities

    1. Upon receiving notification from the school of a student with special health care needs (preferably prior to entering school), the school nurse will contact the parent/guardian, school personnel, and student’s physician to obtain information pertinent to the student’s needs during the school day.
    2. The parent/guardian must authorize the administration of the specialized health care procedure per the form entitled UCPS Parent Authorization for Specialized Health Care. (forms are located at the bottom of this page)
    3. The student’s physician must sign and return the Plan of Treatment form which outlines specific nursing procedures to the school, authorizing the administration of the specialized health care procedure(s).  When indicated, an Individual Health Care Plan will be developed and a Medication Consent Form must also be signed by a physician and parent/guardian and returned to school.
    4. The nurse will review all pertinent health care plans/procedures/treatments with the school personnel who will be in contact with the student and provide copies of the information to the appropriate school personnel.

    Training and Supervision  

    School Responsibility

    1. School personnel will be designated to perform long term procedures (ie. catherizations, suction and tracheostomy care, ostomy care, tube feeding, etc.).  The school nurse and the principal will work closely together to identify the staff member most appropriate to perform the procedure.
    2. The admission of a medically fragile student to school will not be permitted until the Plan of Treatment, Parent Authorization for Specialized Health Care, student-specific nursing procedures, and Individual Health Care Plan are in place and staff is adequately trained.

    Nurse Responsibility

    1. The designated school staff will be trained by the school nurse in the performance of all specialized procedures so that they are qualified to perform the procedures.
    2. The nurse will supervise the designated school staff in the performance of the specialized procedures until proficiency is demonstrated and as often as the nurse feels it is needed after that.  A skills checklist will be used to show evidence of mastery of the required procedure(s).  The checklist will be filed in the student’s Individualized Health Care Folder. 
    3. Specialized health care procedures which may be performed by trained school staff include but are not limited to:
      1. gastrostomy tube feeding
      2. care and cleaning ostomies
      3. tracheostomy suctioning
      4. care and cleaning of tracheostomy and stoma     
      5. clean intermittent catherization
      6. care of an external catherization
      7. postural drainage and percussion therapy
      8. administration of tube or rectal medications
      9. intermittent temperature or blood pressure monitoring
      10. other

    Parent Responsibility

    1. To inform school of changes in the student’s Treatment Plan and/or medications as they occur so that information can be updated and implemented.
    2. Specialized health care procedures that are the responsibility of the parent and will not be done by school personnel or the school nurse include but are not limited to:
      1. Replacing gastrostomy tube feeding sites
      2. Changing malfunctioning insulin pump sites, continuous glucose monitoring sites, or pods in Omnipod/insulin pumps.

    Students with Special Health Care Procedures and Needs

    Parent Authorization for Specialized Health Care (English/Spanish)

    Plan of Treatment for Special Health Care Procedures - Medical Provider to Complete