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    Students are seen throughout the day with illness and injury in the school's health room. A nurse may not always be present to care for the student, but designated personnel in every school are trained in first aid and CPR and they will assist with the student's health care needs, or call 911 if necessary.

    Most illnesses and injuries that occur in school are minor, and may not require a phone call to parents. The student may call home themselves or the teacher may call from the classroom. If nurse or school care provider feels the injury needs followup, they will contact the parent or guardian by phone or in writing. If the nurse, office staff or Emergency Response Team member feels the illness or injury is an emergency, the school will try to notify the parent or guardian first by phone, then the emergency contact. If an ambulance is necessary, and a parent or guardian is not available the principal has the authority, and will take responsibility for sending the student with a school employee to the hospital if needed.

    We encourage students to stay in the classroom during the school day. If a student has frequent visits to the health room, or calls home frequently during the school week the nurse may contact the parent or guardian to determine if there is a medical or psychosocial concern that should be addressed at home or at school. Nurses are consulted by both school staff and parents regarding frequent illness and absences and are available to help problem solve these issues as needed.

    Health Care Tips for the Classroom Teacher

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