Family Engagement Services

  • Family engagement is key to a student’s academic success, therefore, promoting and enhancing family involvement is a priority for all federal programs. Family Engagement Services offers events that enhance student achievement such as curriculum nights, provide tips on supporting academic success at home and gives families access to resource materials.

Family and Community Resources

  • When schools and families work together to support learning, everyone benefits.

    • Students do better in school and in life.
    • Parents become empowered.
    • Teacher morale improves.
    • Schools get better.
    • Communities grow stronger

    Parent Resource Center

    Resource Center The Parent Resource Center is a place where parents, volunteers and students can gather to learn, share information, volunteer and promote and support learning at home.  Believing that every parent wants to help their child to learn and accomplish as much as possible during their years of public education, resources are made available to help parents become an informed partner in meeting their child's learning needs. The Parent Center offers information and resources to help make learning interesting and fun for families.  The Parent Resource Center is located at Union Elementary School.  

    The following resources may help you as a parent to get more involved in your child's education.

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