Employment Verification & Personnel Records

  • Union County Public Schools Human Resources Department is happy to provide Employment Verification to past and present employees. Human Resources will also provide Employment Verification services to other school districts, departments of education, mortgage companies, etc. with authorization from the past or present employee.
    Additionally, Union County Public Schools is happy to provide Personnel Record documents to past and present employees upon request. Specialists will not provide these documents without request and/or authorization by the past or present employee.
    Employment Verification requiring Wage Information or Leave Balances 
    Please submit via fax to the payroll department at 704-289-2460 , or via email to the school-specific payroll specialist.
    Employment Verification NOT requiring Wage Information or Leave Balances 
    Please submit your written requests to Elaine Cox, HR Personnel Records Specialist, via fax at 704-289-9154, or via email at elaine.cox@ucps.k12.nc.us .
    •  For assistance or questions, you may contact Elaine Cox via telephone at 704-296-5176, or via email at elaine.cox@ucps.k12.nc.us .
    Personnel Record Requests
    Please contact Elaine Cox via telephone at 704-296-5176.