Resources for Parents

  • North Carolina Middle School Social Studies focuses not only on the teaching and learning of history, geography, economics, culture, and environmental literacy but also on important social studies concepts.

    The North Carolina Essential Standards for Social Studies are organized and taught conceptually.  This means that teachers make a conscious effort to help students make connections between a variety of topics being taught in their Social Studies class, other classes, and their greater national and global community.

    For instance, 7th grade students will learn about the French Revolution.  But, they will gain a larger understanding of “Revolution” as a concept.  Revolution is marked by conflict and change.  This conceptual framework can be employed later in the course when students discuss the Russian revolution.  Moreover, it can be applied in the 8th grade when they delve into the American Revolution and the industrial revolution.  But, even more importantly they can use this conceptual framework to understand revolutions occurring in the world today.

    Middle school parents can play an active role in helping further their child’s Social Studies education in a variety of ways such as:

    • Taking trips to museums (real or virtual)
    • Discussing current events
    • Encouraging curiosity about the world
    • Exploring your city and state.

    The sites below will allow you to access the NC Essential Standards.  It is from these essential standards that UCPS teacher committees have constructed the curriculum guides that will be used in your child's classroom.