Frequently Asked Questions

  • new bus If you would like to process a bus stop change, please complete a Bus Stop Evaluation Request Form. You can find this form in the link below.

    Bus Stop Evaluation Request Form

    • Q. What time should my child be at their designated stop each morning?
      • A. We ask that parents have students at their assigned stop 10
        minutes prior to the stop time.
    • Q. Will the driver leave the stop if my child is not waiting at the assigned
      stop location?
      • A. Yes. Drivers are trained to make a complete passenger stop at all stops to check for students. However, to remain on schedule, we ask that students are ready and waiting at the stop 10 minutes prior to the stop time in case of traffic or prior stops not riding the bus.
    • Q. What should I do if my child is waiting at the assigned stop on time and
      still misses the bus in the morning?
      • A. Contact the transportation office for your district. Click on our Area
        Supervisor link at the left side of our homepage.
    • Q. Why does the bus schedule fluctuate from the original published time at
      the beginning of the school year?
      • A. As new students and new stops are added, stop times may change. Also, if
        your child’s bus becomes fully loaded, the Transportation Specialist may
        move some stops to other buses to seat all students safely. Traffic patterns
        also play a role in bus schedules. Any permanent changes of more than
        15 minutes will be communicated to parents from the local
        transportation office.
    • Q. What are the guidelines for alternative stops?
      • A. Alternative stops (daycare stops) must:
        • Be located within your child’s local school attendance boundary.
        • Not take the bus more than ¼ mile off of the established route.
        • Not create an overcrowding situation on the assigned bus.
        • The student attending the daycare must be eligible for school bus
          transportation under the Public School Laws of North Carolina.