Bus Classes & Driver Qualifications

  • Virtual Bus Classes (8am - 12:30pm)

    Email Michael Stegall if interested.



    Bus Classes for 2022  
    April    Deadline for Registration
    04/05-04/06  7:45am-5pm     03/25/2022
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    04/19-04/20  7:45am-5pm     04/08/2022
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    May   Deadline for Registration


     7:45am-5 pm     04/22/22
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    05/16-05/18  7:45am-5 pm     05/06/22
     TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    May/June   Deadline for Registration
    05/31-06/02  7:45am-5pm     05/20/22
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    06/13-06/15  7:45am-5pm     06/03/22
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    06/27-06/29 7:45am-5pm     06/17/22
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    July        Deadline for Registration
    07/05-07/07  7:45am-5pm     06/24/22
     TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    07/18-07/20  7:45am-5pm     07/08/22
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    August        Deadline for Registration
    08/01-08/03  7:45am-5pm     07/22/22
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    08/15-08/17 7:45am-5pm     08/05/22
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    08/29-08/31 7:45am-5pm     08/19/22
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    September   Deadline for Registration
    09/06-09/08 7:45am-5pm     08/26/22
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    09/19-09/21 7:45am-5pm     09/09/22
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    October   Deadline for Registration
    10/03-10/05 7:45am-5pm     09/23/22
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    10/17-10/19 7:45am-5pm     10/07/22
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    November   Deadline for Registration
    10/31-11/02 7:45am-5pm     10/21/22
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    11/14-11/16 7:45am-5pm     11/04/22
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    11/28-11/30 7:45am-5pm     11/18/22
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  
    December   Deadline for Registration
    12/12-12/14 7:45am-5pm     12/02/22
    TBD-TEST DAY       TBD  

    We no longer offer in-person classes.


    Commercial Driver License Manual

    Before becoming a school bus driver for the district, drivers must meet strict requirements. They include, but are not limited to:

    • At least 18 years old.
    • Possess a valid NC CDL (Commercial Driver's License) with P (Passenger) and S (School Bus) Endorsements and a clean driving record.
    • Pass a pre-employment criminal background check.
    • Pass a pre-employment drug test.
    • If you are a current school teacher and/or coach employee, please fill out the Bus Class Registration Form and give it to your Athletic Director.  Please note at the top of the form what class you plan to attend.

    School Bus Driver Training Checklist:

    For those drivers that are new to North Carolina, or that reside in North Carolina, but do not have a CDL, training classes are mandatory prior to getting behind the wheel. All candidates are pre-screened before inviting them to the training classes. Below is a brief summary of the process.

    • You must complete the application process and be hired as a School Bus Driver Trainee.
    • Apply to Union County Public Schools via AppliTrack @ http://www.applitrack.com/ucps/onlineapp/
    • Pass a pre-employment drug test
    • Pass a pre-employment background check
    • Be hired as a School Bus Driver Trainee
    • Attend three day training class 
    • Successfully pass written tests for their Commercial Driver's License
    • Obtain a Class B Learner's Permit and hold for 14 days
    • Obtain a DOT Medical Card
    • Successfully pass three days of on-the-road training with DMV Driver Trainer
    • Upon completion of all steps within 90 days of hire date, Trainee will be moved to Bus Driver status