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    • Susie Jones, Media Specialist
    • Tammy Deese, Media Assistant


    • The East Union Media Center seeks to create a 21st-century environment that promotes learning for all students by providing equitable access to information, teaching information literacy skills, and encouraging lifelong learning all while fostering a love for reading.


     Broadcast Nominations

    • Students may nominate a teacher or staff member to be a guest anchor on the EUMS Morning News here!

     Library Policies

    • We are open for circulation Monday through Friday from 8:45-3:25.
    • Students may check out 3 books at a time (eBooks are also available online and do not count as part of the three).
    • Students must have a pass from their teacher if they come to the media center alone or in small groups.

    Looking for good books?

     Looking for accurate information?

    • Try one of our many databases! All the databases require a password when you access them from home. Stop by the media center or email Ms. Jones for the passwords.

    ABC-CLIO icon ABC-CLIO Social Studies Databases
    Comprehensive, current, authoritative, accessible, and aligned, this masterful collection of social studies resources develops students' historical understanding, information literacy, and critical thinking skills.

    logoEHost EBSCO Databases 
    EBSCO allows users to search multiple resources within one familiar interface, take advantage of the unique features and functionality of EBSCOhost, and eliminate the frustration caused by slow search results.

    CutureGrams Icon CultureGrams

    CultureGrams details 25 different aspects of every country recognized by the United Nations.  Local experts document unique, intimate details of each country’s customs, traditions, and daily life.

    A website that has subscription databases, Scribner's Writers Series, Britannica Online Encyclopedia, Lands and Peoples, Popular Science, America the Beautiful, a collection of searchable eBooks and links to websites. List of EBSCO Publishing Resources Available through NC WiseOwl

    Library of Congress Logo Library of Congress Primary Sources

    PBS Online Videos 
    NC WiseOwl contains a link to PBS videos.  Our school district is registered, providing access to these resources with no password from UCPS networked computers.  For home access, an NC Live password must be obtained from the public library.

    DEN_icon Discovery Education Streaming 
    Discovery Education streaming Plus integrates seamlessly into any curriculum with 8,700 full-length videos segmented into 87,000 content-specific clips tied directly state and national standards.