Volunteer Information

  • Volunteer Needs:

    We have many, many needs for volunteers here at Marshville. You may not think that you have anything to offer our students, but I can promise you that you are wrong!! Many of our students need for someone to just come in and read to them for 15 -20 minutes and you would be amazed at the impact that your few minutes can make in the life of our students here at Marshville. We have students who could use help with their homework or may just need someone who is able to help them to reason out some daily work from their teacher. Please understand that we have many needs and many varying situations where we can use your talents and your time.

    Teachers have a variety of secretarial like work that can be done if that is something that interests you instead.

    Best times to volunteer:

    Any time is a great time to volunteer here at Marshville. Our classes have such varying schedules that you can be used any time during the day in someone's classroom. If you prefer a certain grade or class we will work to see if that is possible at the time you would like to volunteer. We can use anyone for as little as 15-20 minutes to as long as an hour if you prefer. Please come in and get the reward of being a volunteer at Marshville today!

    What are the check in procedures:

    You will have to check in at the front office and get a visitor's tag before you are allowed to go your volunteer work. You will also need to sign back out at the front office before you leave.

Upcoming Events

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