Conflict Resolution

  • kids Fairview Elementary has a zero tolerence policy for bullying. We believe that everybody should be treated equal and feel safe and accepted regardless of color, race, gender, intelligence, or athletic ability. Conflict Resolutin lessons are taught to all students in grades (K-5).

    Bullying consists of hitting, spitting, kicking, pushing, name calling, teasing, excluding someone, laughing at, picking on and making fun of someone.

    If you are being bullied or know of someone who is being bullied, please report this to a trusted adult immediately.

    dealing with bullies  

    1. Kids who bully want you to be upset. So don't give them the power! Even if you feel scared or upset, try not to show it.
    2. Instead of showing the bully that you are as upset as you feel, laugh or walk away.
    3. Bullies look for a time to pick on you when you are alone. Try to stick with a partner throughout the day or be in an adults sight.
    4. Hold your head up high when dealing with a bully. Look them in the eye and tell them "No, leave me alone!"
    5. Always report any bully incident to an adult.