Indian Trail Technology

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    What type of technology is used?

    Indian Trail is a "PC" school. All areas of our school are connected wirelessly to the internet. All classrooms have several student netbooks in them, and 3rd-5th grade classes have one netbook per student in each classroom. We have one computer lab with 30 Dell desktop computers that is shared by all classrooms in the school. Our media center has 8 Dell desktop computers that can be used by students as well. All classrooms are also equipped with a Lenovo teacher laptop, a document camera, and a Promethean board.

    There are multiple other technologies available for checkout from the media center, including digital cameras, Flip Cams, ActiVotes, and more!

    What is a Promethean Board?

    It is an interactive whiteboard with a large interactive display that combines the simplicity of a whiteboard, power of a computer and front projection. Interactive whiteboards engage students with vivid images, video and audio. The Promethean Board interactive whiteboard enables anything that can be seen or done on a computer screen to be projected onto an interactive whiteboard, bringing every classroom to life.

    How is technology used daily at Indian Trail?

    Technology is infused into as many lessons as possible through out the day. Students watch videos through the Promethean Boards, have interactive lessons with the board, create Google Docs and Presentations, and have access to the internet for research, learning, and projects.. The amount of technology used depends on the teacher's desire to integrate it into their daily lessons.

    What computer skills are taught at Indian Trail?

    We have a "Computers" class in our Special Area rotation, where students learn keyboarding, internet usage, word processing, ethics of internet use, computer care, creating multimedia presentations and more! This class is taught in one our Computer Lab.

    What is a 21st Century Classroom?

    A 21st Century Classroom is a classroom which is outfitted with the latest technology available for classroom use: Promethean Board, Laptop Computer, Activotes (hand-held "voting" devices for students), document camera (no more overheads!), scanner, and digital camera. All of our classrooms are equipped to maximize 21st Century Learning.

    What are Indian Trail's future plans for technology?

    Our plans are to continue to add to and update our technology as the school and county budgets allow.