Holiday Travel Planning Ideas

  • road trip Parents,

    As we head into the season of Holiday Travel we wanted to share with you some resources you can use while traveling.  Many cars have DVD players but how often does your child look out the window at the world around them.  Try these simple games to keep your children occupied and entertained.  You will see three different games on this link with more to come.


    Game 1: Backseat Spotto

    Just like bingo, each time a player spots a pictured item from the card out the car window, they check it off the sheet. The first player to complete the sheet is the winner.


    Game 2: Alphabet game

    This can be played as a team or individually. As you drive, each player looks for things outside the car that begin with each letter of the alphabet. The object of the game is simply to find one thing for each letter and write them on the activity sheet. The first person to finish wins. When you get to the letter X, this letter can appear anywhere in the word it doesn't have to start with X.   Download the game board to make this game more fun!AlphabetGame


    Game 3: A-Z game

    The aim of this game is to see who can get to Z first. Each player looks for letters on license plates, billboards, trucks, buildings and anything else in view. First you must find A, then B, C, etc. Shout out each letter and point to where you find it. Make it harder by limiting to only license plates or billboard signs for older children. 


    Game 4: Scavenger hunt in the car

    This game can be played several ways. Use our ready-made list or make up your own. Compete against each other or play as a team to spot all the items on the list. Or, you can divide up the lists and give each player their own list of things to find.


    Have fun and safe travels.

    Stallings Elementary School