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    The purpose of the Weddington Middle School art program is to help students make cultural connections, increase visual development, and use art as a form of communication.  Art lessons encompass the following components:
    • Creativity, Perception, and Sensitivity
    • Elements and Principals of Design
    • Study of Artists and Works of Art
    • Critical Evaluation of Art
    • Art Production
    student artwork

    In sixth grade Cultural Arts is a six weeks exploratory course in which the student is introduced to design and styles of art.  The student examines art from the past and present.  The student explores a sampling of two and three-dimensional artwork using a variety of media and processes.  Lessons include drawing, painting, printmaking, crafts, design, and art appreciation.  Notes from class, sketches, and reflective views about art are kept in a sketch journal.

    The semester course for seventh graders focuses on the elements and principles of design for planning dynamic compositions.  Various approaches to creating are explored as new processes and techniques are introduced.  Students develop skill in drawing as well as more complex art and computer graphics.  Students also sharpen writing skills using Feldman's mode of art criticism.  In addition to keeping a sketch journal, students prepare a portfolio to evaluate his/her growth in art.

    Eighth grade students have the opportunity to apply problem solving strategies for complex art processes and assignments in a semester or year long course.  Students examine relationships in the arts and strive to develop a personal style through art expression in two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms.  The curriculum incorporates drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, crafts, digital photography, computer graphics, design, and art history.  Students evaluate their artistic growth through portfolio  reviews and use a sketch diary for preliminary sketches, techniques practice, art criticism, and reflective journal entries.