Physical Education

  • Faculty:

    This year we have several new elements to the PE rotation.  Seventh and Eighth graders will have PE, a new Dance/Fitness Testing Class, as well as Health.  Sixth graders will have PE, Health, and Computers within their rotation.  Students are required to dress out for Physical Education and Dance/Fitness.  (Dressing out means CHANGING into the Weddington Middle PE Uniform from Physical Education class and changing back into school clothes after the activity.)  If a student is well enough to attend school, the student is expected to participate in PE.  Written notes from doctors will be accepted for prolonged illness or injury.  Excuse notes written by parents must be signed by the parent or guardian with the date and a telephone number where the parent can be reached during the school day.  Parental notes are accepted on a daily basis for short-term illnesses.

    PE Uniforms

    !!! All students are required to purchase and wear a Weddington Middle School PE uniform !!!

    If you wish to purchase an additional uniform, you may do so at any time during the school year.  PE shirts are $5 and PE shorts are $10.  These may be purchased as a set or separately as needed.  Please see your PE teacher.