• Online Databases and Reference Sources:

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    NC WiseOwl


    Teaching Books Logo

    Teaching Books

    An online collection of K-12 multimedia author and book resources

    ABC CLIO Logo


    A collection of online social studies databases featuring primary and secondary sources.

    Gale Logo

    Gale Virtual Reference Library

    A comprehensive collection of authoritative reference sources providing access to 1500+ electronic titles in virtually any subject.

    Discovery Education Logo

    Discovery Education

    Curriculum coordinated videos, lesson plans, atlas with video links, an assignment builder and writing prompt builder .

    SAS Logo

    SAS Curriculum Pathways

    Standards-based content in all the core disciplines for teachers and students.

    EBSCO Databases

    EBSCO HOST offers a broad range of full text databases designed for research.  Subject areas include health, biography, consumer health, literary reference, business, and general research.

    EBSCO Science Reference Center

    The Science Reference Center contains full text for nearly 640 science encyclopedias, reference books and periodicals, covering biology, chemistry, earth and life science, and physics.

    EBSCO Point of View

    A full-text database featuring multiple-perspective (pro/con) essays on hundreds of current issues. Use EBSCO's Point of View whenever you need to research current and/or controversial issues or need to prepare arguments for speech and debate.