Web 2.0 Tools

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    • Aniboom - Make animated movies.
    • Animasher - Make short animated video clips.
    • Animoto for Education  - Animoto produces videos from pictures, video clips, and music. There is a basic version at animoto.com which is free, or you can purchase an upgraded 'pro' version to enable you to expand the length, quality, and animation of your videos.
    • AnswerGarden - AnswerGarden is a feedback tool. Use it as a tool for online brainstorming or embed it on your website or blog as a poll or guestbook.
    • Audiovox - A great tool for having students practice their target language. Students can go on-line and record their comments at leisure. 


    • BlendSpace - BlendSpace is a site for teachers to create and deliver lessons digitally. Teachers and students can use BlendSpace to organize their work and present knowledge. Through the use of canvases that you build and create following simple steps, you are organizing, presenting, and sharing online resources in a way that's vibrant and unique.
    • Blogger - Blogs allows educators and students to collaborate, share instructional resources, create content and connect to mainstream social media channels.


    • ClassTools.net - ClassTools is a flash tool website that allows you to create quizzes, diagrams, and educational games. You can then host them on your own site for free..
    • Cramberry - Cramberry is a unique site that makes it easy for students to learn and study new material through online flashcards. Students or teachers can make customized sets of cards that can be printed or studied online. When students choose to study online, Cramberry tracks learning progress, builds study schedules, and shows cards in a specific order so that students can get extra practice with the cards they have trouble with and stay current with other cards.


    • Desmos - Desmos is the new way to look at math using a graphing calculator. The calculator can instantly plot any equation, from lines and parabolas up through derivatives and Fourier series. The graphing calculator works on any computer or tablet without requiring any downloads.
    • Digital Storyteller - A digital story combines text and images with narration in the student’s own voice to form a short digital movie.
    • Dropbox - Share files with Dropbox and have access to them from any computer.


    • EasyBib - Easybib is a free automatic bibliography and citation generator.
    • EdCanvas (now called BlendSpace - see description above.)
    • Edmodo - Edmodo is a Web 2.0 tool that allows teachers to safely share ideas, files, assignments, videos, projects, etc.with students and with other teachers in real time. It is a safe and secure social learning site for classrooms. It does not require student email addresses and only the people who have the group code can see the students.


    • Fodey - Generate an original newspaper clipping and more.


    • Geogebra - A fabulous tool for any math teachers and students providing the ability to dynamically look at mathematical concepts for free. 
    • Glogster.EDU - GlogsterEDU (the basic, free version) is a Web 2.0 tool that allows users to create an online interactive poster/presentation/research on any topic that combines graphics, backgrounds, videos, images, sound, text and hyperlinks.
    • GoAnimate - Use GoAnimate to create videos for free. You can use these to create animate lessons for your class or a video for your club.
    • GrammarBase - This site provides a free grammar check and comprehensive scan of your writing. Contextual spelling is examined to ensure the right words are used in your document. This prevents mistakes that other spelling checkers overlook, so you get the very best final product in your writing.


    • Jing - Jing is a screen sharing tool. It allows you to capture anything on your computer screen either as a still image or as a video up to 5 minutes long.


    • Kahoot - Game-based learning with a question / response system for teachers and students.
    • Kizoa - Make a video from pictures.


    • LiveBinders - Your 3-ring binder on the web. Upload and organize documents, collaborate, and share resources and information. LiveBinders becomes a living document that you can update anytime.


    • Mindmeister - Mindmeister is a free online mind mapping, brainstorming software.
    • MixBook - Source for digital story telling.


    • Newseum - See the front page of hundreds of newspapers from across the world: another great tool to see up-to-date/current events in real time.
    • Ning - Built from the ground up for social, Ning’s scalable hosted platform gives you the tools and expertise you need to publish and connect with your community – all in one place. Try it for free.


    • Padlet - Padlet gives you a blank wall in which to work. You can share the link with anyone and multiple people can post their ideas at the same time. You can add a URL, upload a file, and even have it take a picture with your webcam to post.
    • Page Flip-Flap - Transform your doc, pdf, word, movie in an interactive flipbook.
    • Penzu - A great tool to encourage students to do online journaling.
    • PhotoBucket - A great image hosting site. Upload photos so they are available to show and share without a jumpdrive.
    • PhotoPeach - Make a video from pictures.
    • Pinterest - Pinterest is a virtual pinboard filled with incredible resources for anyone, anytime! Most importantly, it’s become a huge support piece to educators worldwide as resources are are visual, clickable, and shareable.
    • Pivot Stickfigure Animator - A unique software that allows you to create stick figure animations easily. 
    • Podbean - PodBean is a free publishing tool to create and publish podcasts. There is no tech to learn–podcast episodes can be uploaded and published in a matter of minutes.
    • Prezi - Prepare a multimedia presentation. Prezi "How To" Video


    • QR Code Generator - A QR Code is a bar code that can contain information like links to Web sites or short text messages. The QR code can be read with a QR code reader or an app downloaded to tablets or mobile devices. This site generates codes simply and free.
    • Quizlet - Make or use flash cards from a variety of subject areas.


    • Remember the Milk - Remember the Milk is a great 'to do' website. It is available on your computer or even as an app on your phones and tablets. This site allows you to manage your tasks easily.


    • SimpleBooklet - Create various publications to post anywhere on the web.
    • Skype - Free real-time connection with friends and family online. Connect with others anywhere in the world fast and free.
    • Slideshare - Discover, share, present. Share what you know and love through presentations, infographics, documents and more.
    • SlideShark - SlideShark converts your PowerPoint files without losing any of your original formatting, transitions, or animations. Show PPT presentations from your tablet or smart phone.
    • Socrative - Socrative is a smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
    • Storify - Make the web tell a story. Collect media from across the web. Publish on Storify, embed anywhere. Share and notify sources, go viral. Storify is completely free to use.
    • StoryBird - Storybird is a fun and easy-to-use tool for creating short, visual stories.
    • Symbaloo - Access your bookmarks and online favorites with Symbaloo - a free social bookmarking service in the cloud.


    • Tag Galaxy - Type in a topic/subject and this tool pulls in photos from Flickr to create a “planet” of pictures you can enlarge and spin around. If the topic is broad enough it will create a “galaxy” of photos.
    • Tagxedo - Tagxedo turns words, famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your letters into a visually stunning word cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text.
    • TodaysMeet - TodaysMeet helps you connect with your audience in realtime. Encourage the room to use the live stream to make comments, ask questions, and use that feedback to tailor your presentation, sharpen your points, and address audience needs.
    • ToonDoo - Create a digital cartoon.


    • Vimeo - Vimeo is an interesting alternative to You Tube - high quality videos without all the fluff.
    • Voicethread - Upload images or video files then add audio and text.
    • Voki - Create and post customized avatars with a variety of voices.


    • Wall Wisher - Online notice board creator.
    • Web-Chops - This free web tool is perfect for anyone who wants to share websites with others but wants to get rid of ads and other questionable material. Web-Chops allows users to “clip” any part of a web page and rearrange clips onto a custom page that can be shared with other people.
    • Wiki Spaces - Wiki comes from the Hawaiian word for “quick” and a wiki is a website that can be modified quickly and easily. Using Wikispaces, the control of the website is kept in the teacher’s hands. When a wiki is set up, the creator can control who can view and edit the pages (public), or who can view the pages and allow only members of the wiki to edit them.
    • Writing Reviser - If you need help editing your writing, try this tool from SAS for easy help!
    • Wordle - Create a visual showing word usage in a text.


    • YTTM - A great resource for history/social studies/ or English/reading classes to put a time period into perspective. Select a year and view videos from that year. You can select sports, video games, commercials, current events, television, movies, and music from that specific year.