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  • Courses Offered

    In-School Course Offerings:

    • Please click here for a list of all of the courses offered in Union County. (UCPS Program of Studies)
      *** Please note that MRHS offers some but not all of these courses.
    • If you are interested in more information about our AP offerings or the IB Program, please take a look at this document which lists a plan for students as well as any prerequisites needed for the courses.

    Online Course Offerings:

    UC Virtual:

    These are courses taught online by Union County teachers. The courses offered are listed below.

    Fall 2015 Offerings Spring 2015 Offerings
    ACT Prep ACT Prep
    Advanced Environmental Science Topics (Honors credit) AP Environmental Science (part 2)
    Advanced Inquiry and Research (Honors credit) AP World History
    American History 1 Advanced Inquiry and Research (Honors credit)
    American History 1 Honors American History 1
    Arts Appreciation American History 1 Honors
    Arts Appreciation Honors Arts Appreciation
    Biomedical Technology Arts Appreciation Honors
    Business Law Honors Biomedical Technology
    Career Management Business Law Honors
    Civics and Economics Career Management
    Civics and Economics Honors Civics and Economics
    Earth and Environmental Science Civics and Economics Honors
    Earth and Environmental Science Honors Earth and Environmental Science
    English I Earth and Environmental Science Honors
    English I Honors English I
    English III English I Honors
    English III Honors English III
    English IV English III Honors
    English IV Honors English IV
    Global Awareness English IV Honors
    Global Awareness Honors Global Awareness
    Leadership Exploration Global Awareness Honors
    Leadership Exploration Honors Leadership Exploration
    Math II Leadership Exploration Honors
    Math II Honors Math II
    Math III Math II Honors
    Math III Honors Math III
    Principles of Business Math III Honors
    Psychology/Sociology Mythology
    Psychology/Sociology Honors Mythology Honors
    Spanish I Personal Finance
    Success 2.0 Principles of Business
      Psychology/Sociology Honors
      Spanish I
      Success 2.0


    These are courses taught online by North Carolina teachers. There are several courses offered.

    Career and College Promise

    SPCC Career and College Promise:

    Jeff Jost

    Enrollment Coordinator for SPCC

    4209 Old Charlotte Highway

    Monroe, NC 28110