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     TESTING UPDATES FOR 2019-2020


    EOC (End of Course) and NCFE (North Carolina Final Exams):
    • EOC test requirements include Biology, English II and Math I for all students.
    • NCFE test requirements include all other core classes. (Science, English, Math, Social Studies)
    • All students are required to participate in their enrolled EOC and/or NCFE course exams.
    • Please avoid traveling during testing dates, as early testing is not permitted and make-up testing is limited. 
    Fall testing will be January 13-16, 2019
    Spring testing will be June 3-8, 2020
    The ASVAB will be given to any 10-12th grade students on November 21, 2019 for free. This test is a great tool for students exploring career options. To register for the ASVAB, click HERE.  ASVAB test prep can be found here
    All Juniors will take the ACT for free at Parkwood High School on February 25, 2020. No student registration is needed for this test. You must be enrolled at PWHS as a Junior in PowerSchool to take the test.  The results from the ACT can be used for college admissions and scholarship opportunities. Calculators are allowed on the math portion, but all problems can be solved without a calculator.  ACT test prep can be found here.   Read the ACT Junior letter for students and parents in ENGLISH and SPANISH to learn more about ACT opportunities.  
    The SAT will be given to 11th grade students for free at Parkwood High School on March 25, 2020 for free! No student registration is needed for this test.  You must be enrolled at PWHS as a Junior in PowerSchool to take the test. The results from the SAT can be used for college admissions and scholarship opportunities.  Free SAT test prep can be found through College Board and Khan Academy
    PSAT Test will be given to all 10th grade students on October 16, 2019.  Juniors may elect to take the test for a $16 fee, unless they scored in the 90th percentile on previous PSAT, qualify for a fee waiver, or did not take the PSAT in 10th grade.  There is no registration requirement for current 10th grade PWHS students, as they are all automatically registered. There is no make-up test for the PSAT.   
    • Those students who are homeschooled and would like to take the PSAT at Parkwood, the cost is $16.  This will be a first come, first serve on a limited basis.  Email Chrissy Rape at to reserve a PSAT by September 10, 2019.  
    • Students should bring a calculator for the PSAT, as they will not be provided.  

    Have you taken the PSAT? If so, then the"My Quickstart"from College Board can provide you information based upon your score for the following:

    • Analysis of your PSAT score
    • Provide you with an SAT Study Plans
    • Information about your personality
    • Your future major and career information
    • College Matches
    • Future AP Potential
    • Test prep can be found on Kaplan and on College Board

    All that you need is your Online Access Code located at the bottom of your Score Report. If you have any questions, the Counseling Center can help you! Log onto the site at


    PSAT Results will be given out to students when they are sent to PWHS.  Students in 10th and 11th grade students who took the test on October 16th will receive their test score report and their actual test booklet for item analysis.  Students can use their unique access codes to get their full reports online at  Access codes are printed on the front cover of the student score report in blue.  On the inside right cover, students can view their strengths and weaknesses.  Once identified, students can utilize Khan Academy ( for free to improve those skills identified. National Merit that is presented at the top center of the report is a scholarship competition for 11th grade students.  If you are in 11th grade, you can see if you qualified for this specific program as well.  National Merit information can be found at  On the backside of the score report, students can see their question and answer feedback for test analysis.  Students can also see questions, and the answer explanatins online at as well.  If you have any questions about your score report, feel free to contact your school counselor at 704-764-2900.  



    All 10th grade students will take the Pre-ACT on October 30, 2019 for free during the school day.   

    Why take the Pre-ACT?  See what US News has to report! 


    ACT AND SAT Tests

    Want to know what your approximate conversion score is from a SAT to ACT or ACT to SAT? Use this link for an easy comparison:

    Students can study for the SAT and ACT for free by using the following link,, or Khan Academy or Kaplan

    March 2 Success is a Army sponsored site that includes the following:
    • High School Math and Verbal SkillsBrush up on your high school reading and math skills with this online course. Features a diagnostic test, personalized learning lesson path, and practice tests covering high school level reading comprehension, vocabulary, and math.
    • College Readiness Online Course. This online course is designed to help you improve your essential math, English and writing skills needed to perform well on college placement exams and take college level course work. Includes a diagnostic test followed by a personalized learning path, quizzes and practice tests.
    • High School Science HubPractice high school science with courses designed to help you brush up on the materials in high school science classes - Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

    SAT changes can be found here.

    Khan Academy offers a free SAT prep site that students can use.  
 is another free ACT + SAT prep website.  
    TO TAKE THE SAT AGAIN OR TO SEND SAT SCORES, GO TO to register, select test date and to pay.
    TO TAKE THE ACT AGAINOR TO SEND ACT SCORES, GO TO www.actstudent.or to register, select test date and to pay. 
    2020 AP exam schedule- TBD 
    Students taking an AP courses are required to participate in their respective AP exam.  
    Additional AP information can be found on College Board.
    What do the test changes in AP History (Euro, US, World) possibly mean for you? 
    Here you will find specific AP course information from College Board. 
    Students who want to take an AP exam and are NOT enrolled in the AP course at PWHS must let Ms. Rape know by October 1st. There is a $100 fee.  
    All students who are enrolled in an AP course are required to take the AP exam.  For these students, the exam is free.