• DATE:  
    TIME:   8:00 - Midnight
    LOCATION:  Union County Ag Center, Wingate, NC 

    Prom tickets will only be sold before school on the following days, which are Tuesdays and Thursdays: 


    Flex students may turn in their money to Mr. Fisher or Mrs. J. Thomas before noon on these dates.

    Early grads are encouraged to come in the morning before school to purchase their tickets. 

    Remember: NO FORM, NO TICKETS.  All fees to the front office MUST BE PAID BEFORE TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED!!

    Prom Reminders for Students

    • No guests over the age of 20 will be permitted at the prom.
    • Everyone needs to have a photo ID.
    • Formal dress is expected. Please check the Piedmont Prom page for dress code for prom which has been up since the beginning of the year.
    • In lieu of favors, a photo booth will be set up for your keepsake.
    • Prom King and Queen will be announced at 11:15 PM.
    • In conjunction with the Union County Safe Schools Policy, once you are inside the prom, you WILL NOT be allowed to leave and re-enter.
    • NO outside food or drink is permitted in the Union County Agricultural Center.
    • If you need to change who your guest will be, please have a new guest form filled out and turn it into Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Thomas, or Mr. Fisher by April 5th as well.  No new guests will be accepted after this day!!!
    PROM DRESS CODE - All Prom attire must meet the dress code standards.  Please read before purchasing formal attire. 
    • If you have any outstanding balances in the office, these must be paid BEFORE you purchase your tickets as well.
    • Prom faculty advisors are Janet Smith, Andy Fisher, and Jennifer Thomas.
    • Students must have a "Student Form" completed with a parent signature prior to buying prom tickets. Download the applicable form below.
    • No one over 20 years of age will be allowed into Prom unless they are a current Piedmont student.
    • Students who bring a guest must submit a completed "Guest Form" before purchasing tickets. Download the "Guest Form" below.
    • Guests who attend another high school must have an administrative signature from their respective school before a ticket is purchased.
    • Everyone (including guests) needs to have a photo ID.  No ID, No Entrance!!
    • Prom King and Queen will be announced at 11:15 PM; souvenirs/prom favors will be available after that time.
    • In conjunction with the Union County Safe Schools Policy, once you are inside the prom, you will not be allowed to leave and re-enter.
    • Prom attendees are reminded of the dress code. Complete dress code guidelines can be downloaded.
    • Please email or call any of the faculty prom advisors with questions.

    FORMS - Students can download forms below or they are also available outside Rooms K-20, K-16, and D-3.