• Students must have their driver's license in order to apply for a parking tag.  The admin overseeing parking this year will be Mr. Edwards.  Please email him at with questions or concerns.  

    Effective September 2020, students who receive their driver's license and want to apply for a temporary parking permit should download and complete the documents below and submit to Mr. Edwards in the front office.  
    **FOR SOPHOMORES ONLY (Temporary parking passes for sophomores expire on December 31, 2020; Sophomores wanting a temporary parking pass for Spring 2021 must submit a Spring 2021 application and pay $20.  Sophomores applying for a parking pass for the first time must submit both the application and the R U Buckled Agreement forms to Mr. Edwards.** 

    Juniors/Seniors:  In order to purchase the tag, you MUST complete the following process online: 

    1.  Register in FamilyID:  - Complete details about parking guidelines and requirements are posted under the FamilyID link.  Please be sure to read these guidelines before beginning the registration process.  *NOTE - You will need a picture of the student's driver license and a picture of proof of registration and insurance for the student's vehicle as part of the registration process.*

    2.  Pay the $40.00 parking fee online using the UCPS Online Payment System. Students registering for a parking tag must owe no fines/fees to UCPS or Piedmont High.  NOTE:  Students who did not return their Math calculators at the end of the year MUST return them (or pay for them) prior to purchasing a parking tag.