• Students must have their driver's license in order to apply for a parking tag.  The admin overseeing parking this year will be Mr. Edwards.  Please email him at with questions or concerns.  

    Juniors/Seniors:  In order to purchase the tag, you MUST complete the following process online: 

    1.  Register in FamilyID:  - Complete details about parking guidelines and requirements are posted under the FamilyID link.  Please be sure to read these guidelines before beginning the registration process.  *NOTE - You will need a picture of the student's driver license and a picture of proof of registration and insurance for the student's vehicle as part of the registration process.*

    2.  Pay the $40.00 parking fee online using the UCPS Online Payment System. Students registering for a parking tag must owe no fines/fees to UCPS or Piedmont High.  NOTE:  Students who did not return their Math calculators at the end of the year MUST return them (or pay for them) prior to purchasing a parking tag.