• Rising Senior Class of 2020 Parking Information

    August 1st  (Thursday) and 6th (Tuesday) for the 12th grade class 9 am-11 am.  Cannot line up until 8:30.

    August 8th  (Thursday) for rising junior class. Registration begins at 9 am and lottery begins at 10:30. Cannot line up before 8:30.

    In order to purchase the tag, you MUST have the following items in your application packet: 

    1. 2019-2020 Parking Application with all information completed as well as parent/student signatures. Please make sure to read the parking rules and policies on page 2 of the application. The parent/student signatures verify that you have read and will abide by these policies.

    2. R U Buckled Form completed and signed

    3. Owe no fines/fees to UCPS or Piedmont High.  This includes all materials checked out from the Media Center (books & calculators), laptops/chargers, and technology fees.

    4. $40.00 parking fee for all parking lots (cash in correct change or check made out to Piedmont High School).


    If you need to make copies or pay fees, the front office will be open both days at 7:30 am to assist you.


    **Rising Junior Parking Pass Lottery Information**

    Remaining parking passes for 2019-2020 juniors will be sold on August 8, 2019 via a lottery process.  In order to enter the lottery, students must have/be:

    1. If any of the above items are missing, students will not be allowed to participate in the lottery for that date.

    2. Completed Piedmont High parking application and rules/policies signed by parent and student (available on the website under Student Parking)

    3. Buckle-up form signed by parent and student (Also available on the website)

    4. Copy of his/her valid NC driver license (no learner permit)

    5. Owe no fines/fees to UCPS or Piedmont High.  This includes all materials checked out from the Media Center (books & calculators), laptops/chargers, and technology fees.

    6. Classified as a junior for the 2019-2020 school year (must have earned 13 credits to include English II)

    7. $40 check/cash only for parking pass


    Lottery process:

    1. Students will be called to the new gym lobby at 9:00 am on the morning of 8/8/2019. There will be no need to line up early since it is a lottery process. Students will not be allowed to get into the application line until 8:45 am.

    2. Faculty members will check and verify that students have completed application packet to include application, Buckle Up form and NC driver license copy. Required parent and student signatures will be checked also.

    3. If students need to make a copy of their driver license or pay fines/fees, this needs to be done prior to 8:45 am. The front office will be open to handle these requests.

    4. If all information is complete and no fines/fees are owed, students will be given one half of a numbered lottery ticket. The other half will go into a container for drawing. Students will be seated in the auditorium to await the lottery drawing. The ticket drawing will take place at 10:30 am. If your number is drawn, you must bring the matching half of the ticket as well as your verified packet to the appropriate faculty member to pay for the pass and receive your cling parking sticker. You may leave campus at that time.

    5. After all available spots have been drawn/sold, we will continue to draw numbers for the waiting list order. We will continue to draw numbers until all students with complete packets have been assigned a place on the waiting list.  The waiting list does NOT guarantee a pass will become available during the 2019-2020 school year. If passes become available, we will fill them in order based on the waiting list. If you are contacted about an available spot, the $40 will be due within 48 hours of notification.

    The student purchasing the parking pass or his/her immediate adult family member must be present during the entire drawing process. We will not hold or save any passes. 

    Contact Angie Medlin or Dylan Stamey at 704-753-2810 with any questions.