Media Center Policies and Procedures

  • Media Center Hours

    The Media Center is open Monday-Friday 7:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

    Student Admission

    • No pass is necessary for entrance before or after school. 
    • Students admitted to the Media Center during class time must present a pass and are required to sign in as they enter.  
    • Students may use the Media Center during lunch but must obtain a pass before school from a member of the media staff.  Students may also present a pass obtained from a teacher.

    Acceptable Use Guidelines

    • Computers are to be used for academic purposes only.
    • Students may not download material or install additional software to the computers.
    • Visiting inappropriate sites on purpose will be treated as a serious breach of appropriate library behavior with consequences to match.

    Checkout Policies

    • Checkout for general materials is two weeks.
    • Students are allowed up to two renewals.
    • Students may have a total of five items checked out at one time.
    • Students are responsible for returning books on or before the due date. Overdue notices will be sent during homerooms. Students who do not return or renew materials after receiving two overdue notices may be denied borrowing privileges.
    • Reference books and magazines must remain in the media center.

    Photocopies and Printing

    • Photocopies - $.10 per sheet.
    • Black and White printouts - $.10 per sheet.
    • Color printouts - $.25 per sheet.