For 9th & 10th Graders


    Welcome to Union County Early College High School!

    • Make sure to Step Up Your Game from Middle School to High School.
    • Develop good study habits and work hard to create a strong academic record.
    • Get to know your teachers, principals, and counselors.... they are here to help you.
    • Get involved in extracurricular activities inside and outside of school.
    • This year you will create a CFNC account. Use CFNC to explore careers.

    Freshmen College Conferences

    Early College Liasion Ms. Sanders is meeting with students and parents this Spring to discuss the college side of the Early College Program. Parents and students are requested to attend the conference together. If you have children in multiple grades, you are welcome to sign up for all children in one day, just place their name in the sign-up spot. If you have any questions, please to call Dia Sanders at 704-290-5888


    • This is the year to pass all sections of the RISE and to start taking college classes.
    • Work hard to keep up your grades and communicate all concerns to your counselor and college liaison.
    • Stay involved in extracurricular activities inside and outside of school.
    • Starting exploring careers and colleges using CFNC.
    • Take the PreACT test in the fall to practice for the ACT, which you will take in eleventh grade.

    10th Grade PLAN Test

    PreACT testing will take place in October 2016. All tenth graders are required to take this test. For more information visit the Testing Page.


    Other Information