Biology Club


    Microscope Science Laboratory - Free vector graphic on Pixabay

    Purpose of Club: The mission of the Biology Club is to promote interest in biology and to provide students with out of class opportunities to further their understanding of the topic.

    How often the club meets: We meet one Thursday of each month at 3:10 pm. 21-22 dates:

    September 23rd 3:10-4:10pm 

    October 21st 3:10-4:10pm 

    November 18th 3:10-4:10pm 

    December 9th 3:10-4:10pm 

    February 17th 3:10-4:10pm 

    March 24th 3:10-4:10pm 

    May 19th 3:10-4:10pm 

    Where? Room E214

    Membership requirements: Anyone can join

    How students join: See Mrs. Schultz and attend meetings

    Dues: $25 - covers a t-shirt and needed supplies

    Staff Sponsors: Ms. Maya Schultz E214 and Ms. Tina Harris E211