French Club

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    Purpose of Club: To promote the study of the French language and culture

     Breakfast meetings, annual Mardi Gras teacher breakfast, annual Veteran's Day trip to Amelie's French Bakery, and other fun cultural events throughout the year, as well as travel opportunities to France each summer

    How often the club meets: 1st Tuesday morning of every month in the Media Center (every meeting includes traditional French Breakfast)

    Where? Media Center

    Membership requirements: Members are expected to contribute food for the breakfast meetings. The club is open to anyone... you do not have to be enrolled in French classes

    How students join: Just attend and participate

    Dues: $5

  • Sponsors

    Name: Madame Lisa Helms
    Department: World Languages
    Room #:  F212
    Name: Madame Heather Austin
    Department: World Languages
    Room #: F213