Student Council

  • The CHS Student Council serves to engage students in learning about democracy and leadership, while being role models and representatives for the student body. It works as a partnership with students, faculty, and administration through the sharing of ideas, interests and concerns. The council helps raise funds for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects and school reform. The council is made up of student body officers and class officers elected by the student body. 


    CONGRATULATIONS to the following members of the 2020/2021 Student Council!


    Student Body Officers:


    President:  Kelly Bennett

    Vice President:  Zion Loftin

    Secretary:  Emily Ashirova

    Historian:  Payton Snow


    Senior Class:


    President:  Jessica Mayer

    Vice President:  Kieli Dotson

    Secretary:  Kamryn Elder

    Historian:  Bruna Ricciardi



    Hailey Napodano

    Rachel Northup

    Kylie Perna

    Carolina Ricciardi

    Mia Stover

    Junior Class:


    President:  Asa Humphries

    Vice President:  Reagan Mohl

    Secretary:  Laura Green

    Historian:  KaiLi Long


    Representatives: Alternates:

    Darby Burgett Ann Divers

    Mia Gemignani Ryan Walser

    David Mahoney

    Kate Murray 

    Michael O'Rourke

    Abbie Raitano

    Jonathan Russell

    Winston Schmidhausler

    Elena Vierengal

    Julia Yu


    Sophomore Class:


    President:  Mia La Pinta

    Vice President:  Marissa Gonzalez



    Eleanor Holman

    Ella Joyner

    Caitlin Kornberg

    Lillian Nasta

    Kaitlyn O’Sullivan

    Jacquelyn Rolle

    Simone Slaughter

    Hayden Ward

    Congratulations, everyone!  Please be on the lookout for a Google form via your student email by the end of the week.


    **Please note:  Applications for any open positions (officer or representative) will be accepted during freshmen elections in early fall.


  • Sponsor 

    Name: Jennifer Fogle 
    Department: Science
    Room #:  G114