Yearbook - The Conquest

  • Yearbook is an elective class. It is not a club, but included on this page so students know of the opportunity and how to get involved. Students interested in taking the class should fill out the application below and make sure the class choice is noted with their counselor at the time of registration. Due to the nature of the yearbook project, it is recommended that students commit to take this class for both semesters of the school year and may take multiple years. Yearbook III and IV are Honors levels.

    Prerequisite: Application and Sponsor Approval

    This course includes planning and production of the school yearbook. Students develop skills in gathering information,writing copy and captions, understanding components of quality photography, copy editing skills, and techniques of headlines. Credit will be given for each semester the student is enrolled in the course.

    "The Conquest" Yearbook application consists of 2 forms:

  • Sponsor: Dr. Camey Whitt
    Department: English
    Room: G118