Upcoming Events

  • PRHS Counselors Offering Post Secondary Planning Evening Appointments

    UCPS College Readiness Parent Series

    UCPS College Readines Resource Center


    Colleges Visiting PRHS

    Seniors and juniors can sign up to attend presentations for colleges visiting PRHS.  Information on the visits is posted on the students Naviance Student account.

    The following colleges will be visiting PRHS during the school day. Morning visits student must sign up to attend a presentation.  Lunch visits the college will be in the cafeteria at a table where students can stop by for information.  Time & location of visit is posted in Naviance.

    College Date
    Unvieristy of Alabama in Huntsville 2/26/@ 8am
    Johnson & Wales University 2/28 @ 8am
    Catawba College 3/4 @ 8am
    East Carolina University 3/12 @ Lunch
     Lander University 3/26 @ Lunch

    Students must sign up at least 2 days prior to the event through their Naviance Student account:

    1. Log in to your my.ncedcloud.org account
    2. Click on "C" for Clever
    3. Click on Naviance
    4. Select “Colleges”
    5. Select “upcoming visits”
    6. Click the “Sign Up” button for the chosen schools