Attendance and Recovery Information

  • Attendance Information for Parents and Students:
    Ninth grade parents, please note that High School Attendance is different than middle school. It is taken by class, not by day. Students with more than 7 absences in a course can fail the class due to Absences alone, regardless of their grade average in the class.
    Attendance at school is Priority. It is so important to be present in order to learn and to gain opportunities for mastering coursework. This is also a very important life lesson for our children to learn—in life we have expectations of going to work and working to the best of our ability, and this good life habit starts with attendance at school.
    • To ensure maximum student attendance we will be contacting students and parents when students reach 3, 6, and 8 absences. The numbers 3,6, and 8 are for total absences, both excused and unexcused.
    • According to UCPS attendance policy students should not miss more than 7 classes in each class. The goal is to not miss ANY school, but if a student has a valid reason, such as an illness or other excused absence, they can have up to 7 absences and still pass the class.
    • It is important that excuse notes be written and turned into the office within 3 days after an absence. After the three days, then the absences are recorded as unexcused permanently.
    • At each absence threshold (3,6,8) CATA staff will make the determination if the student needs to begin the recovery process to make up absences and notify parents and students on how to make up time missed from school. Recovery should be done during the semester and in the two week time span given or the student will not be allowed to recover the absences at a later date. 
    There are UCPS limits on how many classes can be recovered. Recovery will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school with Ms. Riley, or with the student's individual teacher. Students are expected to work on content during recovery time. This plan is in place so that your student makes up content close to the date it was delivered in class. CATA feels this is most effective.

    Facts about attendance

    • Attendance is taken by block (class period) in high school not by day. In addition, a student is marked absent if he/she misses more than 15 minutes of the block and if he/she misses less than 15 minutes of a class, then the student will be coded as a tardy in PowerSchool.
    • Lunch is part of 3rd block so missing lunch is not excused and counts toward tardy/absent
    • If your student needs to be absent, a written note or documentation must be turned in to Ms. Nahum in the front office within 3 days of your student’s return to school in order for it to be considered for excusal. We have an absence form available for you to fill out and turn in. Please make copies of it for you to use throughout the school year.  Please click HERE to find the form on our website. 
    • A note from a doctor’s office is required to excuse an absence due to a doctor’s appointment. A doctor’s visit note only covers the actual appointment and travel time.  It does not excuse the whole day. 
    • In addition to illness/injury and doctor’s appointments, the following are also lawful reasons for school absences: Death in the immediate family

    Court, administrative proceedings, jury duty (documentation required)

    Religious observances (prior approval by principal required)

    Educational Opportunity (10 day prior approval) Educational Opportunity Request Form linked on this page. 


    Military Deployment (documentation required)

    • Please see Student Handbook for further explanation of attendance policies.
    • All absences will be coded unexcused in PowerSchool until a written note/documentation is received. Written documentation must be legible, dated with the student’s absence, contain the student’s full name, and must be submitted within three days.
    • ConnectEd phone calls are made at the end of the school day to notify parents/guardians of student absences whether excused or unexcused.

    Early Dismissal Procedures and Facts

    • If your student driver needs to leave before the school day is over, then a parent note must be turned into the front office before school so that an early dismissal pass can be given to the student.
    • The parent note must contain all of the following: 1) the student’s name, 2) parent’s name and contact phone number, and 3) the time that the student needs to be dismissed.
    • If the student is getting picked up by someone other than the parents/guardians or anyone on the student’s contact list, then the student’s dismissal note must also contain the name of the person that is picking them up.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to keep their early dismissal pass with them and show it to their teacher so that they may exit class. Once exiting the classroom, the student must then come to the front office to sign out before leaving campus.
    • An attendance letter will be sent home with students after the 3rd, 6th, and 8th absences whether the absences are excused or not excused. At this time students will be notified if they owe recovery time for absences. 

    Sample 3, 6, 8 Day Letter

    Sample Waiver Letter