•                               UCPS Principal Liaisons for Beginning Teacher Support 

                                                                              Mr. Ken Roess                       
                                                                                            Mr. Kenneth Roess
                                                                                    Walter Bickett Education Center 
                                                          District Principal Liaison for the Support of Beginning Teachers                   
                   Dr. Wendy Gravely                
                     Dr. Wendy Gravely/ Wesley Chapel                             Dr. Kimberly Chinnis/ Prospect
                        Elementary Principal Liaison                                         Elementary Principal Liaison
                    Dr. Kevin Plue, Principal           Dr. Brian Patience
                          Dr. Kevin Plue/ Forest Hills                                Dr. Brian Patience/ Porter Ridge Middle
                        High School Principal Liaison                                       Middle School Principal Liaison
     Principal Engagement. The leadership of the principal is instrumental in ensuring the success of  the mentoring and induction program at the site level.  Principals establish and maintain a positive school environment that supports mentor-beginning teacher interactions and targeted professional development.  Principals provide clear and consistent communication to staff regarding the role of the mentor and the multiple facets of mentoring, including the essential component of confidentiality.
    •  €Principals are involved in the selection and/or assignment and/or supervision of the mentor, as appropriate
    • €Principals endorse the mentor’s role
    • Principals contribute to the definition and direction of the mentor’s work
    • €Principals provide positive working conditions for beginning teachers
    • Principals clearly communicate mentor’s role to staff and provide positive context for beginning teacher work with mentor
    • Principals endorse and/or support the development of a mentor role that encompasses a range of dimensions and respects the confidential role of the mentor and beginning teacher 
    • Principals provide time for and promote the mentor’s work with beginning teachers
    • €Principals endorse and/or support development of a complex, multi-faceted and confidential mentor role
    • Principals are available to meet/communicate with mentors.
    • €Principals are knowledgeable of and demonstrate support to the full scope of the mentor’s work, including formative assessment and use of professional standards
    • €Principals endorse and/or support the development of a mentor role that is informed by a variety of stakeholders
    • €Principals communicate regularly with mentors while respecting confidentiality of the mentor role
    • Principals encourage beginning teachers to share evidence of professional growth as part of the evaluation process

    The BT Support Principal Liaisons work collaboratively to ensure that the role of the principal in the support of beginning teachers is transparent, intuitive, and fully embraced by the stakeholders who impact the recruitment, support and retention of beginning teachers. They serve as ambassadors, advocates, and leaders for fostering a supportive and nurturing district climate in which beginning teachers feel safe and secure to build their capacity as instructional leaders and their students' capacity as learners.


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