• Summer Camps 2019 - REGISTRATION IS CLOSED

    These camps are for students who attend a school in Union County Public Schools only. 

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  In order to give as many students as possible an opportunity to participate and learn about some of the Career Readiness Pathways available to them in high school, students will be limited to two camps this summer

    Please note: All camps are from 9am - 3pm, Monday through Thursday. 

    See below for camp descriptions. 



    Architecture, Engineering, and Design (Drafting) - June 10 - 13 at Marvin Ridge HS (CAMP FULL - REGISTRATION CLOSED)

    Camp Description: The area of Architecture & Engineering Design is growing at a staggering pace today. In this camp, students will have the opportunity to investigate designing a model using various software applications that may include AutoCAD Inventor, TinkerCAD, 123D Catch, 123D Design, 123D Make, Meshmixer, 123DS Scuplt +, Tinkerplay and Sketch-up. Then they can see the model become a reality through 3-D printing. Students will also take a brief look at the history of design communication, the design process, conceptual sketching, interpolation, manufacturing processes, emerging technologies, career opportunities, software options, 3D laser scanning and modeling.


    Aviation - June 24 - 27 at Sun Valley HS

    Camp Description: Students will learn principles through hands-on projects that will expand their knowledge. This project-based-learning camp engages students who are curious about aerospace. In the camp, students will learn how to use an engineering design process to create prototypes and solve real-world problems. Students will work collaboratively in teams, and individually, to design systems, solve problems, think critically, be creative and communicate with each other. Students can participate in experiences designing, building and testing a pilot seat frame, kite, projectile and launcher, model rocket, airplane wing and non-powered glider. As they develop some of these prototypes, they will learn the underlying principles of aerospace, science, mathematics, and literacy. <b><u>Students will also have the opportunity to fly a plane using our in-house flight simulators!


    Coding - June 17 - 20 at Cuthbertson HS

    Camp Description: Get ready to shape the future and build the in-demand skills sought by companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and NASA. It is through project based learning and a series of engaging activities, students will build their critical thinking, computational thinking, and problem solving skills so that they will be prepared for the demand of leading STEM Employers.


    Computer Engineering - June 17 - 20 at Central Academy of Technology and Arts

    Camp Description: Have you wondered what happens when you turn on a computer, what it means if you hear beeps or see unexpected messages or where files go when you delete them?  Join us this summer and learn the internal parts of a computer and assemble one, and load an operating system.  Finally, we will do a Raspberry PI project or two.


    Culinary Arts - June 17 - 20 at Cuthbertson HS (CAMP FULL - REGISTRATION CLOSED)

    Camp Description: Jr chefs will discover basic culinary fundamentals, baking and pastry techniques, and nutritious recipes. They will then explore cuisines around the world in just a few days of culinary camp fun! Culinary camp jr. chefs will be preparing and sampling tapas (small dishes) from countries worldwide.


    Film Production - July 8 - 11 at Marvin Ridge HS (CAMP FULL - REGISTRATION CLOSED)

    Camp Description: Lights! Camera! Action!</u></b> At the Film Production CTE Summer Camp, get real-world experience working in small groups to plan, shoot, and edit various projects using Adobe Premiere Pro CC!  While creating original projects such as Movie Scenes, Promos, and Stop Motion Animation, you will learn elements of video pre-production and production--including story boarding, shooting various camera angles, and directing. You will edit your videos while learning the fundamentals of post-production including: trimming clips, applying transitions, adding sound effects & music, creating titles & credits, and exporting your finished project.


    Game Design - June 17 - 20 at Central Academy of Technology and Arts (CAMP FULL - REGISTRATION CLOSED)

    Camp Description: Students will learn the basics of game design and creation using Unity.  They will begin by learning the purposes and science behind different design choices as well as color usage.  They will learn how to storyboard their ideas and plan the game before its creation.  They will then learn how to use Unity to bring their ideas to life.  All students will develop foundation skills by the end of the camp, but opportunities for growth will be endless.


    Health Science - June 17 - 20 at Central Academy of Technology and Arts

    Camp Description: Did you know that your body is an amazing machine?  Do you want to learn more about how the body works, how to stay healthy, and the different kinds of jobs in the healthcare field?  Come, explore human body systems.  You will learn and have hands-on fun with other students as we explore the amazing human body, what kinds of things help us stay healthy, and look at the professionals who work in different medical fields to help keep our bodies working well.  


    Veterinary Assistant Camp - June 10 - 13 at Porter Ridge HS - (CAMP FULL - REGISTRATION CLOSED)

    Camp Description: Love animals? Interested in a career in the field of veterinary medicine? Then this camp is for you! Campers will learn about different careers in veterinary medicine and meet veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary assistants. Campers will also learn basic animal health, proper animal restraint techniques, animal behavior, and so much more! Labs include animal restraint, dissection, infectious disease, clinical examination, among other fun activities.”


    If you are looking for the Elementary Coding Camp for rising 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, please visit bit.ly/UCPSElemCodingCamp for more information and/or a link to register. 


  • Summer Camp Applicatoins are closed for 2019. Please check back in March/April 2020 for next year's camp application. 

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