Employee Leave

  • How to Apply for a Leave of Absence 
    Use the following instructions to have your leave of absence request processed by Human Resources:
    1.)   Print and complete the Request for Leave of Absence(4 pgs).
    2.)   Print and forward the appropriate doctor's certification to your physician (or family member's physician) for completion
    • WH-380 E for your own serious health condition, or; 
    • WH-380 F for an immediate family member's serious health condition
    3.)   Please contact your Payroll Specialist to discuss your available leave and how it will be applied during your leave of absence.
    5.)   Submit your leave application and supporting documents to your HR Benefits Coordinator
    Your doctor's certification must be forwarded to Human Resources within 15 calendar days of submitting your leave application. Your leave application must be fully completed and signed by both you and your supervisor before the request will be reviewed. 
    Please note:  You will not receive any follow-up communication for incomplete or missing paperwork. Incomplete applications are unable to be processed.
    How to Apply to Extend Your Leave of Absence 
    Please use the following instructions to submit a leave extension request: 
    1.)   Print and complete the Request for Leave Extension Application
    2.)   You must provide a new doctor's note certifying your extension.
    3.)   Submit your leave application and supporting documents to your HR Benefits Coordinator.  
    Types of Leave 
    For more details regarding the types of leave Human Resources administers, please see the following excerpts from the Benefits and Employment Policy Manual:
    Leave policies will be in accordance with North Carolina Public Schools' Employee Benefits, State Board of Education, and NC Retirement Systems Division.