Volunteer Services

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with Union County Public Schools. We appreciate you donating your time, talent and resources to support our students.

We invite parents and community members to support our schools and students through the following volunteer opportunities.

 Reading Buddy
 Classroom Assistant
 Parent Organizations
 Sponsor a school-based program or initiative
 Career-day speakers
 Office assistance

In order to become a UCPS Volunteer, candidates must apply, register and submit information for a background check. 

Volunteer Process:

  • If you are a new candidate, apply online using the Volunteer Management System (VMS)
  • Current volunteers and applicants who have already started the application, process should click here and follow the guidelines for logging into the Volunteer Management System. This link will help you to establish a username and password.

 The Union County Board of Education policies govern the work of volunteers in the schools and in the screening process that must be utilized. These policies are UCPS BOE Policy 3-29 Screening of School Volunteers and UCPS Volunteer Program Administrative Guidelines.

If you have questions about becoming a volunteer, contact Catherine "Abby" Griffin at 704-296-1016 or catherine.griffin@ucps.k12.nc.us.


Catherine "Abby" Griffin