Music Production and Recording Arts Assessment

  • What is the Music Pathway?

    Music Production and Recording Arts (MPRA) is a pathway within in the Performing Arts Academy that is designed for students who wish to explore the intersection of music and technology. The curriculum in this pathway creates a solid foundation both in musicianship and technology with coursework focused on music theory, aural skills, applied music performance, introduction to music technology, recording studio techniques, and music production. 
    Students in the Music Production and Recording Arts pathway will build music literacy in their first year of study in music theory and performance ensembles such as class piano, symphonic band or chorus. Technology, production, and recording coursework will follow in subsequent years, along with the continued participation in performance ensembles and options for higher level study in areas such as music theory/composition and film production. Successful completion of the coursework in this pathway provides students with a well rounded music background and the technology skills needed to pursue undergraduate programs in music, music industry, and music production.
    Assessment dates will be:
    Tuesday, May 14th and Saturday, May 18th

    Students will be scheduled a time when they call Tammy Tweed to make an appointment (704-296-3088).

    Please see the assessment information located on the CATA MPRA Assessment website