Athletic Eligibility Information


    **Please read before registering or completing any paperwork!**

    Forms are valid until June 30 of the current academic year and a new registration and packet, dated July 1 or after, needs to be submitted in order to maintain eligibility!

    Physicals are valid for 395 days (if dated 1/1/2017 or after) or 365 days (if dated 12/31/2016 or before). Packets are kept on file for the entire year and do not need to be re-submitted with a new packet. 
    The Piedmont High School Athletic Department is pleased to partner with Family ID for online registration for the 2017-2018 school year! These forms must be completed prior to any involvement in pre-season skill development sessions or tryouts. Please click the box below to register. 
    Family ID will go live for registration on July 1, 2017.  
     Family ID
    Once complete, please submit the Sports Eligibility Packet (link below) and cover page (below) to the front office. Once all paperwork is submitted and verified, an email will be sent to confirm eligibility. 

    2017-2018 Piedmont High School Athletic Eligibility Packet

    (Please do not submit before July 1, 2017 - forms must be dated July 1, 2017 or after.)  

     Pre-Participation and Physical Form 

    If your physical has expired, you will only need to fill out and return these two forms.

    All physicals on or after May 1, 2017 MUST be on the attached forms. Piedmont High School will not accept any other forms! 



    Accident and Health Student Insurance Information

    You must attach a copy of the Coverage and Premium Application Summary AND the Student Insurance Card to your eligibility packet!

    The NCHSAA states that in order to be eligible for practice or participation in high school athletic activities, a player must receive a medical examination once every 365 days by a duly licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician's assistant. If the athlete's physical expires, they become ineligible and cannot practice or play until a current physical is on file with Piedmont High School. This includes in-season and out-of-season workouts.