Preschool Assessment Process and Teams

  •  Assessment Team  Assessment Team
     Assessment Team Members:
    Christine Yurko, Sara Ryan,  
    Lisa Robinson, Carolyn Smith,
    Antoinette Moody and Christi Sloop
      Assessment Team Members: 
      Carolyn Smith, Amy Kafitz,  
      Anita Melton-Gross,  Paula Simpson, 
      Jennifer Cantrell and Christy Coulson

    Documents Required for UCPS Enrollment

    Proof of Residence  (2 forms required)

    Driver's License
    Citizenship Card
    Home Lease Agreement
    Telephone Bill
    Home Purchase Agreement
    Utility Bill
    Tax Bill
    Water Bill
    Residence Verification Form
    Residency Affidavit
    Non-Parent Affidavit of Residency

     Name and Date of Birth Verification  (1 form required)
    Birth Certificate
    Baptismal Certificate
    Birth Registration Form
    Affidavit of Birth Sworn to by Parent
    Family Bible with Dutiful Records
    Hospital Records

    Immunization Records 

    Please bring the required documents to the initial referral meeting.