EmpowerED Q&A

  • What resources are available for my student?

    The Union County Public School System is dedicated to providing student access to 21st-century learning resources. When students log in to UCPS computers they are brought to startup pages that provide quick access to frequently used district-provided digital resources. To see the startup pages available to students at each school level click the appropriate link below:

    How do I access teacher class pages?

    Each school website has a section for teacher class pages. Teachers' Canvas Syllabus page should be linked on this site. For directions on accessing you child's teacher class page view the linked tutorial or video demonstration.

    How do I check my child's attendance and grades?

    UCPS utilizes PowerSchool as the district's electronic student information system. Parents and Guardians are able to monitor their child's progress by checking grades and seeing attendance. To access your account, check with your school's data manager for individualized instructions.  If you already have an account you can navigate directly to the UCPS PowerSchool Parent Portal or you can use the PowerSchool App.

    How do I help my child access their digital textbooks?

    Students have access to a multitude of digital content, but many of the classes students take do not have a set textbook. Instead, we have students access digital materials. The digital materials are provided in a searchable table on the EmpowerED Family page.

    I have additional questions about resources that are available to my child, who can I ask for assistance?

    Your child's teacher is the best point of contact for questions regarding your child's learning.  

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