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    Sun Valley Middle School’s chapter of the National Junior Beta Club is a prestigious organization that recognizes 8th grade students for their academic excellence.  In order to be considered for membership in the Beta Club, 8th grade candidates must have had an overall GPA of 92.0 for their seventh grade school year. Students must have also maintained satisfactory conduct, in all classes, throughout the school year.

    In addition, members must maintain an overall average of 92.0 or higher, at the conclusion of each marking term, throughout their 8th grade year in order to remain an active Beta member. They must also maintain satisfactory behavior in order to remain a role model to others. 

    Once inducted into the Beta Club, members work on service projects that focus on community service both for the local school community as well as the larger Union County area. Activities vary from year to year, but always emphasize the fact that members of the Beta Club are leaders among their peers that aim to better the world around them.