• Reopening of Schools 2020-2021


    Plan B Schedule- Union County Schools will adopt a Monday through Thursday in person, four-day cohort rotation. On Fridays, all students will be in a remote learning environment. Teachers will spend instructional time at the start of the school year familiarizing students with the Plan B Instructional Model. Students will be shown how their teacher’s Canvas page is organized and they will learn procedures/routines for remote learning days. Teachers will establish expectations for communication in order to promote a better learning experience for students and parents. On days in which students are not in attendance they will have access to either live or prerecorded videos of classroom instruction. An example of what the Plan B Instructional Model schedule will

     Cohort assigned by first letter of last name: A-D Monday, E-K Tuesday, L-Q Wednesday, R-Z Thursday, Friday remote learning for all students

    plan b


    Plan D-Virtual Academy: self paced learning enviroment for students. Teachers will provide a schedule and it will vary school by school and will align with student needs. For parents who choose not to send their child to school in person, UCPS is offering a new full-time instructional model for grades 2-12. Students in the Virtual Academy will have flexibility to work at their own pace and schedule over the course of the day. Students will not receive instruction with their traditional class, but will be enrolled in a virtual cohort. Instruction will be provided a teacher at your assigned school or a school in your cluster. Instruction will consist of both live and recorded sessions. Click here to review a presentation.

    Here is the 2020-2021 SVHS Bell Schedule. The “All Remote” schedule will be the schedule utilized until students return to a face to face environment. Students are expected to be online during their scheduled class times unless they have circumstances that prevent them from doing so. If they are unable to attend during their regularly scheduled times parents should email the teachers directly stating the reason. Students will be required to complete the learning modules asynchronously before the next lesson.

      Updated bell schedule